C20-44″Living Exuberantly till the end”.

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guests Jackie Goldberg aka Pink Lady and Ester Shifren, on air from October 27th

Come hear these two wonderful ladies in their 80’s on how it ain’t over till they say it is. Life is for living no matter what happens to you.

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One of the greatest gifts Pink Lady( now 88) gives the world is how she challenges stigmas about ageing that seniors face on a regular basis.  She has become a powerful voice of today’s 60+ community, that challenges skeptics and proves that it’s “absolutely possible to be vital, creative, enthusiastic, energetic, sexy, and “shout-out” fantastic.”  Senior Star Power Productions produced fifteen musical reviews, including “Rockin’ With The Ages,” “The Beat Goes On” and “We Have a Dream.”   These musical reviews feature the only talent that is 60+; some have extensive experience in stage, film, and TV industry; some are newcomers.  Her shows are nothing short of bursting with talent!

See says “You don’t stop laughing, you still grow old because you stop laughing”

Life is a wonderful experience, and with a blueprint already to go, we can use every single second of it to our advantage. We should be grateful just to be here…now…with the ability to grow older with our friends family and all grand children, Part of Getting up and Getting Out, is learning to live again by opening new doors and finding exciting adventures and beautiful relationships. I believe the best investment you will ever make in your whole life is in investing in your self- at this time in your life.

Excerpt from Pinks book.


Now Our Pink Lady has her own T.V show rocking the interviews with some of the greats.



email Pink Lady at pinklady7@earthlink.net.


Ester Shifren is a Poet, Artist, Musician, Author and a woman of exuberance in her young 83 years. She has written a poem every day of Covid19 and her positive energy gives us hope and lifts us up to greater heights.

When writing poems and giving vent I feel my gift is heaven sent. The saying goes, “There’s none so blind”… If I may only change ONE mind Then I’ll continue on my quest, NEVER will I stop to rest! Many are now opening eyes—-they took a while to realize. The one they worshipped, idolized, was not the one they should have prized. As long as I have words that flow, I’ll vent—my hat into the rink I’ll throw! Seek the truth that sets you free—do research–not just from me! Don’t spend your life in misery because you voted abysmally. Be strong, just change, it’s not too late—your vote can change the hand of fate. If you’re honest, have heart and brain, you’ll see these leaders inflicted pain. On many of our brethren—admit it! Change your party—bravely quit it! Please don’t miss it—make a note. November—soon—they’ll count your VOTE!

Life in a day of Ester.

No one’s coming over so I’m just not dusting much–
can almost write my name on every surface that I touch!
I live between two freeways and sometimes have to sneeze–
the fault of dust brought in by every wayward breeze.
My time is mostly hijacked by computer, iPad, phone–
result of spending too much time at home and all alone!
And sometimes I feel wonderful, but sometimes I do not,
and then I readjust to count the blessings that I’ve got.
I have friends with difficulties so much beyond repair!
It balances my thinking and reduces my despair.
And think of all those seniors who live on high up floors,
with long and darkened passages leading to their doors.
I’m lucky that my building, though convent-like, is small,
and when my neighbors walk, or swim, I can see them all!
The antidote for me has been, (and maybe you?), I’m certain,
Creative ways of staying in touch ’til Covid’s final curtain.

I was born in China, Hong Kong to be exact
We really were from Shanghai—and that’s a real fact.
The  Japanese were fighting the Chinese at that time
My mother left to safe Hong Kong—where conditions weren’t sublime
We then returned to Shanghai, but then during  World War Two
The Japanese interned us, our fears for safety grew!
We, and other Allies, were prisoners of war
And suffered deprivations we’d never had before.
Three years of isolation were serious and sad
So I’m comparing Covid—and both are mighty bad!
But I am free, not punished, as then, enduring war.
So I’ll still count my blessings—each day—and pray for more!
But, just can’t understand the ones who fail to wear a mask
Endangering all—and seniors. I’M  NOT AFRAID TO ASK.

That day when we left China, I was just a teen.
We moved to nascent Israel, to times I’d never seen.
The war had stripped our family of comforts we once knew,
We left with very little—our possessions were so few.


Canada refused us, $10,000 was their fee—
Australia said, “Our quota’s full.” Just Israel was free.
We quarantined at first, then moved into a tent,
A transit camp facility—where most newcomers went.
We had no running water in our tent or, later, hut.
We showered using hoses—I was viewed as teenage nut!
But we were free—and many strangers became friends.
It was a real melting pot, all colors and all blends.
Languages were barriers, but somehow we survived,
Living with so many of the recently-arrived
From Europe, and the Middle East, their stories full of pain…
Food was scarce, and rationed, it didn’t help us to complain!
But soon the Hebrew language was getting to be heard—
A marvel! We shared stories, always searching for a word.
And now I’ll end this chapter and continue ‘nother day.
I hope that you will join me as I travel on my way.





Twitter: Estershifren1

Linked-IN: Ester Shifren