C20-31 Jesse Faedo and Mind Practices and Soul of Yoga

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Jesse Faedo, on air from July 28th

What do you want to be when you allow yourself to follow your path? How do we embrace that inner being and set it free? How do we find the balance of life in life and let ourselves flow.? Jesse and Sara speak to all these things and in how Yoga and breathing is the key to finding your inner and outer balance.

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Hello beautiful souls!
My name is Jessica Wild and I am an entrepreneur, mental health, and relationship coach that specializes in daily yoga, fitness and mindset practices that increase awareness. Yoga and fitness are technologies I use to reduce feelings of anxiety and depression and in turn access a higher consciousness that exists within you. I also facilitate conscious ceremonies around B.C as well as retreats and private yoga classes. I look forward to seeing all of your open hearts and minds in class. Namaste – Jess