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C20-30 Tom and Kuthumi speak to Love Responsibility

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Tom Negelow and Master Kuthumi, on air from July 21st

Tom and Kuthumi speak to what is responsibility and what it has it to do with Love. Our own responsibility comes from a place of self-love, and in that love, we will take ownership and navigate our path within that love.

Love true cosmic love and love in everything we are and do, is like a warm embrace. It is not the highs or lows, it is a constant that simply is….love.

Join us here to learn more about responsible self love and taking responsibility in our own lives.

I am Dr. Tom Negelow. I am a deep trance channel, healer, teacher, and author. I have been channeling and in private practice for over 30 years.  I channel Ascended Master Kuthumi, the combined energy of St. Francis of Assisi, Pythagoras, and the Shah Jahan, the Indian leader who built the Taj Mahal.

What is channeling and how can it help you grow and expand your understanding of who you are?

Channeling gives us an opportunity to begin to experience life from a unique point of view, one of pure energy.  Channeling can begin to answer questions about our lives that support us in how to live a truly creative and clear life.  Channeling with Kuthumi will help you become aware of our true nature and what has been preventing you from living life from the energetic nature of who you truly are.  Channeling with Kuthumi will give you guidance about your world, help you understand yourself more deeply and direct you in creating what you want.

Good channeling will never tell you what to do or predict your future or get in the way of your responsibility for your own life and how to live it.


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