MA20-26 Michelle Lange on Kindness Grows Kindness

Mental Health Awareness with Sara Troy and her guest Michelle Hardwood-Lange, on-air from June 23rd.

I have a special needs daughter who suffers from reactive attachment disorder. I  am driven to be her advocate/voice so that I can find alternative treatments and help her to live everyday life. It is my goal for her to live a full life despite her disability.  I am training to become a certified health and life coach to create a platform and coaching experience for special needs kids like her and their parents.  I have found this passion and purpose to fulfill as there is limited understanding for these children/families.  In addition to building a support for respite care for the parents that live through the challenges on a daily basis.

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*Creating a celebration of giving.  Do you remember a time in your childhood when you dreamed about being a hero. Even now more than ever we need Heroes.

Extraordinary people with a passion to make a difference and strive to bring meaning to other people’s lives.

Would you like to know how to become a hero? Would you like to read about people who are in everyday proximity following their calling to be extraordinary Heroes? People who inspire you and find a way to reach your heart, creating an emotion of fire to do something greater than yourself

.New Zealand born and grown.  Widow, Mother of  Six, grandmother of  11. Celebrated Adoptee of a special needs daughter aged 9.  When I am not being an artist or Student of life and university  – specializing in Busines Administration/ Entrepreneurial Management with a Certificate in Health and Life Coaching I am giving back. My latest project is blogging and writing articles about Unsung Extraordinary Heroes Living Ordinary Lives.   My passion is to encourage a people centered living that initiates a climate that THRIVES. With a focus on GIVING and growing a culture where KINDNESS and being POSITIVE matters. A Leader with a small ‘L’ who rolls her sleeves up to celebrate others.


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