YH 20-03 Think Before You Get the Childhood Shots! with Mary Tocco.

on Your Health is Your Choice with Sara Troy and her guest Mary Tocco, on air from January 14th

American children are the most vaccinated in the world getting 2 X other countries, and yet, 54% of our kids are suffering with chronic illnesses including, ADD, ADHD, Autism, learning problems, anxiety, depression, diabetes, asthma, gut disorders, seizure disorders and many other neurological problems that were NOT prevalent just 25 years ago!  What has changed?  In 1986, vaccine manufactures were getting sued so often that they threatened to stop making vaccines. The government stepped in and passed a law that you cannot sue them for liability. The flood gates of new vaccines hit the market, and they have nothing to lose but much money to gain! Vaccines have been fast-tracked into the children schedule because of many reasons which we will discuss here today.

Today we will discuss the following:

  • History of the first vaccines- mass vaccinations started in 1956
  • Why are we told that vaccines are necessary?
  • Did the polio vaccine eradicate polio as we have been told?
  • What about the recent measles outbreaks?
  • People working in the medical field are told to either take the vaccines or loose their job?



Decline of Death in US prior to vaccines: CDC graph

Has polio been eradicated by the vaccine? Are we at threat because of measles outbreaks? Why must we do so many vaccines?

Parents are confused and do not know who to listen to. The CDC, FDA and the pediatricians are all saying that the vaccines are safe, protect your child and do not cause harm.  They also say that not vaccinating is irresponsible and that we as parents “should not be able to say no to vaccines.”

After 40 years of independent research on this topic and other health-related topics, I can prove that vaccines have not been tested properly. They are never tested using a placebo and do not go through the same vigorous testing that drugs have to go through. The added ingredients are toxic and man-made carcinogens and do not belong in the body in any level

Week #2 I will go discuss the main toxic ingredients found in most vaccines including the use of aborted fetal cell tissue used to manufacture several vaccines. How can this affect the human body?  The recent studies on this topic do not look favorable, tune in next week.

Reference videos.

Dr. Maurice Hillerman Cancer and AIDS in polio vaccines: 

Del Bigtree The Highwire Program: WHO admitting that they do not understand how “adjuvants” in vaccines work, that the FLU vaccine given to pregnant women is used “OFF LABEL” and that they do not know how it may affect the unborn and how doctors are losing faith in vaccines as are the people, anti-vax up 500%:  

Bill Gates and Population control with vaccines:  

Week #3 Building a good immune system and helping the body do what it does naturally.

  •  Mary is a Mother of 5 grown unvaccinated children and grandmother of 8 unvaccinated grand- children. Mary began independently investigating vaccines in 1979, over 40 years ago and is considered an expert on the known dangers of vaccines. She has been in international conference speaker, discussed vaccine safety on FOX News and other TV talk shows and a frequent radio guest since 1995.
  • Mary was the Director of Vaccine Research for Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines from 1994 to 2016, (now called MI for Vaccine Choice) and has testified before the MI Government health policy committee on parental rights and the dangers of vaccines.
  • Mary refers to this movement as the “VACCINE EDUCATION REVOLUTION” which really started in the early 1990’s because of the explosion of information on the internet.
  • 2003-launched one of the first websites dedicated to vaccine education called Childhoodshots.com and 2006 produced DVD, Are Vaccines Safe, 2016 6 DVD series: Vaccine Risks, Responsibility and Rights
  • 2012-2016 Radio producer and host – “Healing Our World, radio show, Republic Broadcasting Network, dedicated to exposing things that make us sick and bringing healthy solutions.
  • Nominated by her children and competed for the title, America’s Outstanding Mom in 2013-2014 and won.
  • 2020 February – Published Book on Amazon, Kindle: Natural Immune Development, designed to empower parents to promote natural immunity.
  • 2013 – Vice President of the Foundation for Pediatric Health, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the education and empowerment of parents to make decisions that will lead to improved health outcomes for the next generation of American children.
  • She is often referred to as the “Erin Brokovich” of the vaccine education revolution!  



https://www.facebook.com/mary.tocco    https://www.facebook.com/MaryTocco1


6- part DVD series: Vaccines: Risks, Responsibility and Rights (available in download here


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