C19-07 The Integrity of Podcasting with April Mahoney

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest April Mahoney, on air from February 12th

The mission is to encourage and develop people through kindness, community and personal growth to want better, do better, be better.

A Good Person Productions

April Mahoney ~ hailed as San Diego’s Poet Laureate is a native of Los Angeles CA and the founder of A Good Person Productions started writing poetry at the age of 8. She has been published in the International Library of Poetry Anthology, a Blog talk star radio personality, and is the winner of numerous radio and print ad contests. April is the author of 3 books.
“Small statements that mean a lot her first book, “ Utter Magic” and “Rico the Seagull, Making the best out of a mess”.



 Ask yourself these critical 6 questions:

1. Are you looking for an established highly credible platform with fantastic visibility to share your business, story, cause or organization with globally ?
2. Has your reach and marketing efforts stalled come to a standstill ?
3. Are you having a problems crafting and delivering a message, brand, product or service ?
4. Are you tired of having to edit and filter your news sources ?
5, Are you looking for information beyond politics and celebrity gossip ?
6. Are you ready to expand your knowledge and brain capacity ?
If the answer to any of these questions is YES then Brain come join me on the edge
The place where the conversation is pointed, the guest are sharp and the responses are never dull
Contact me today to have a conversation surrounding your goals and what I can do to support your growth.
Ms. Mahoney as a producer and entertainer performs her spoken word artistry to sold out crowds at a variety of venues receiving rave reviews in and throughout New York, Los Angeles and San Diego. She has also performed on Carnival Cruise Line guest entertainment show line up. April is a former chapter president of Toastmasters International delivering hundreds of motivational speeches and presentations. In addition, to writing April supports a number of non-profit organizations and has created many entrepreneurial endeavors for herself in her beloved city of San Diego, CA.
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