WJ 19-06 Finding Soul Satisfaction and Kick-Butt Success In Life

The Wellness Journey Podcast Series presents ‘Spice of Life: A Seasoned Woman’s Guide to Renewing her Essence’ with Lynnis Woods Mullins and guest Dr. Barbara Lowe. , on air from FEBRUARY 5TH

Today’s guest is Dr. Barbara Lowe. Dr. Barbara Lowe is a licensed psychologist who founded and owns her own practice in Durham, NC (~15 employees) She is also a Board Certified Life Coach, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, Speaker, Author, and Lay Minister. She is a wife, mother, and step-mother, and has used her training and the wounds of her past to minister professionally and personally to women for many years. Dr Barbara has created the Hearts Returning Home method for overcoming difficult childhood experiences and messages, to help women move from “where’s the Life I Dreamed Of?” to real soul satisfaction and kick-butt success in life!. She offers blogs, vlogs, podcasts, courses, intensives, and retreats at drbarbaralowe.com on order to move women into “Finally, here is the life I dreamed of.” Her goal is to help women finally have a sense of belonging.




Instagram: @drbarbaralowe


Visit this site for a free gift:


     Wellness Journey ‘Spice of Life Shows:

A Seasoned Woman’s Guide to Renewing her Essence’ SHOWS



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