HT 19-05 Making Homes & Furniture from Recycled Plastic

Holistic Transformation with Dianne Shaver and her guest Prashant Lingam, on air from January 29th 

Each time on Holistic Transformations  I interview someone who’s doing something that is making a difference for the better in our world. Today it is my great pleasure to talk with Prashant Lingam, coming to us from his home in India, who in 2008, along with Anna Kappagantula, both first generation entrepreneurs, created Bamboo House India, with an aim of utilizing bamboo as an economic driver for providing sustainable livelihood opportunities to rural and tribal communities dependent on bamboo for livelihood and at the same time utilize bamboo as a eco friendly substitute for wood , steel, iron and plastic.

Today we are discussing the team Prashant has developed of 20 people in 2008 who are designing all of what is made from the recycled plastic.  What they need going forward and what their vision is for their future.  By the way, they only hire villagers and will not hire anyone with a degree, because this “uneducated” team designs everything they make.



Through their enterprise, they are addressing many issues in his country but they are also issues that we share in other countries.  This is another example of how we are all interconnected.

Because of the high volume of waste plastic in India, 26 tons a month, Prashant turned his attention to using recycled plastic as a building material.  They are now making houses completely out of that material. All the roofs, walls, flooring, ceilings and even furniture is made from recycled plastic.  And every day they are working on finding even more uses for the material that keeps it out of polluting rivers, oceans, landfills, etc.



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