We are in space of transition seeking the whole of our being. Transformations brings you guidance from those who have transcended into a whole consciousness in themselves, in their work and their whole lives.

Together we can change the world.  As each person becomes awakens we move the total consciousness forward.

On the Transformations Show, I will be interviewing people who are doing their part to change the world for the better. They are people who had the courage of their convictions, the drive within them to do what they know they came here on this planet to do and the passion to see it through.  They are not different from you and me, they are committed. My wish is they inspire you to follow what you came here to do.  This time it is not one person who will lead us into change, it is many of us, each doing our small or large part.  A quote from my book, “How Life Works, “When you act from your heart, you are standing in your full strength. The heart is the place of wisdom, honor and courage.”  This is the time to open our hearts and trust what is within us and share it generously with the world.

Dianne holds a Masters’ degree in Human Development with a specialty in counseling and coaching and has coached entrepreneurs for over 26 years.  She has trained entrepreneurs to pitch to investors and has run many pitch events.  She has had a radio show interviewing entrepreneurs for 5 years and writes a weekly blog, Life Thoughts.


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