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I am changing into My Beingness.

As the song goes, “I am changing becoming who I am meant to be”, but more importantly, knowing who I really am. It has been a long journey, one that has had so many lows with fewer highs, but those highs made it all worth it. But it is not about my past, although the past has molded me into who I am now, it is the allowing of my beingness, the who I am in my now which will also take me forward into my tomorrow that counts.

It is not about the destination but the journey, the small miles stones along the way, and those who you meet that help you with guidance tools and loving wisdom. We are a sum of our past present and dreams, we are all, we are everything.

To some, our all will not be enough for it is not about you, but about what you can do to serve them. Service is very important as it is in how we serve each other that makes our community stronger and gives us a meaningful purpose. Those that want you to serve them purely for their benefit and not for the collectiveness of a connection, you need to walk away from, for they will suck the life out of you.

Being true to you is essential, for you are with you forever and a day, every moment in every way. Being at peace with self lovingly from within and living out will be your key to living truly in your own light.

When I was told I could not do it, be it, I had this to say….

They said I could not do it, who did I think I was, a nobody, no worth, no monetary value, but I kept moving forward, kept reaching for those stars, kept believing I was here for something. Now they see me, hear me, believe in me, now I can make that difference I have strived for, now my life has meaning and purpose for now I know why I am here, and the journey was all worth while.

Despite what they said, all I could do was keep walking forward, keep on walking the path of self discovery and of my own meaningful purpose, and in doing so I found me. Am I enough for others? No, but it is not about them but about me, I am enough for me and in my desire to be all I can be for me, I keep striving to be more of who I am.

As I have said before, I am not everyone’s cup of tea, but I am someone’s strong cup of coffee. I am a strong woman, I am a person of conviction, I am someone who sees the discontent in others, I do reflect that back to them, unknowingly, so that they can see them selves from the inside out. This of cause does not always go down well, as many people rather live in their own illusion than discover their inner truth.

So, I redirected to bringing that light that takes you to your inner truth, by spotlighting those who can show you the way. I found in my Self Discovery my purpose that serves not only those sharing their story, but those in desperate need to hear the wisdom and knowledge of those who have taken the path before us.

I will still get people telling me I am doing is wrong, I am not enough, I am not what they want; but to this I say, I am what I am, doing what I am meant to do, that serves our global community for those ready to hear their truth.

Take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself lovingly, who are you and are you being true to you? You may not like the answer, but in Self Discovery of our inner truth, you will thank yourself in the end just by being wonderful you.

by Sara Troy 

Self Discovery 


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