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Please join Feroze Dada for these 3 linked sessions of 30 minutes each which can be accessed live at 18.00 BST via Zoom on the following Wednesday’s in October: CLICK here to register “Peace lies within, do not seek it without” Buddha Buddhist Ana panna (respiration) Meditation -7th October 2020 at 18.00 Once the breath awareness is mastered the mind becomes calm and free of thoughts and takes us to the place of emptiness and of intense peace. With a focused, clean and peaceful mind comes a greater level of awareness and comprehension.
 Buddhist Vipassana (Insight) Meditation- 14th October 2020 at 18.00 
A chain of Reaction is happening constantly in what we perceive through our five senses: hear, see, smell, touch or taste and our mind. Allowing the mind not to REACT to sensations enables us to ACT not REACT -we are able to live in equanimity, clarity, and true insight. With Mindfulness.
 “Sufi” Meditation- 21st October 2020 at 18.00 “The energy of Dhikr is the path to the inner sacred world of the soul” 
Whilst, it is generally thought that the human body contains only one subtle centre of consciousness which is the mind or brain, the Sufis, through their spiritual experiences, discovered additional centers of inner senses which are referred to as lata’if (chakras).
The practice of Dhikr “Breath of Allah” meditation, awakens these subtle senses and enables us to become more intuitive, and perceptive of the truth of our existence.    ***********************************                                                                          Register at:
These sessions are offered free of charge. Donations may be made to The Sanctuary Children of The Revolution. A Spiritual Journey to Burma & Buddhism. (Filament 2018).
New Edition 2018. Fully updated and revised
By Feroze Dada
Edited by Duncan Baird & Andrew Thorman
                             “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without” Buddha

“Children of the Revolution is a book of converging worlds. In it you discover the very human weave of courage, perseverance, and vision, woven with a delightful touch of humour and surprise.

It also has the beguiling pattern of a journey unfolding. And as it unfolds, you learn. And you are inspired.
Children of the Revolution is both an inspiration and teaching. It unfolds as a flower does. As you are taken along the twin tracks of a journey through a conflicted region, and a personal journey of reflection, gradually what remains with you is a story about Loving Kindness. Appropriately it starts with a family gathering and ends with the family at the monastery. These are the ripples across the lake, ever-widening patterns of mettā as the children are sheltered, fed, educated, and then go into the world”.

Preface by Duncan Baird. Buy from


Feroze & MuMu Dada
September 2020

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