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Connecting to Your Intuition MasterClass, Summit!

The time has arrived….

Connecting to Your Intuition MasterClass, summit!

Launching: 2 July!  Summit ends 14 July 2018!


I want to help you find out where you are at? And if you are at the right place & time for what I will share?

  1. Are you feeling stressed and anxious?
  2. Are you feeling in overwhelmed?
  3. Are you feeling confused and have no direction or purpose?

Sound familiar?

I completely understand if you feel any of the above right now

You’re racing out of control, overwhelmed, confused?

Are you giving and caring for others? And have no time for you?

Do you just show up each day? With a million things to do?

You’ve lost your passion, drive, direction and purpose? What are you doing?

And it’s feeling all toooo hard!

I get it one and all, I ABSOLUTELY GET IT…

And so do hundreds, no I mean thousands of women all around the world.

Di Challenor has brought together some of today’s most significant influencers in women’s spiritual health and wellness space – for the mind, body and spirit. We will share with you some simple secrets for accessing your inner voice and connecting to your intuition to have an abundant, empowered and prosperous life.

The Connecting to Your Intuition Masterclass is created for Heart Centred Women that need not only inspiration and community but real, practical guidance on how to have confidence and clarity to be on purpose.

I am sooo excited to share this with you. All of these resources, all this knowledge will be in one place, you won’t have to search for it. It’s right here for you and for FREE!

No matter where you are right now, your opinion of yourself, what keeps you from being your confident, clear and intuitive self, I can assure you that the answers are a CLICK AWAY.

Don’t miss the chance to join me and 21 other experts as we bring you out of the shadows to find your inner magic to stand in your beautiful, opulent, and empowered spotlight.

Each expert will share their secrets, their journey, and show you how to use tools to find your own inner magic that you have but have forgotten to use; in order to:

  1. Help you develop a confident and clear sense of self
  2. Help you develop your intuition to find your purpose and/or get back on purpose
  3. Help you to trust being transformed into the unique, authentic, admired, creative, empowered, supported, caring, respected, abundant and connected woman that you have now found again!

And these amazing experts did not hold back! They each demonstrated their magic with our host Di Challenor, it was all live, with no edits!

Connect to Intuition: Expert Interview Schedule…

Day 1 July 2 Brandyce Stephenson & Siobhan Johnson
Day 2 July 3 Wendie Colter & Ilona Selke
Day 3 July 4 Audrey Bgt & Sara Troy
Day 4 July 5 Patricia LeBlanca & Lisa Marie Pepe
Day 5 July 6 Maja Savic & Jenn Morgan
Day 6 July 7 Charles Eduardos & Cornelia Ward
Day 7 July 8 Keri Dennis-Fulmore & Jenny Johnstonn
Day 8 July 9 Jennifer Noel Taylor & Kerrie Mercell
Day 9 July 10 Adam Fulmore & Dawn C. Meyer
Day 10 July 11 Patti Stevenss & Marlene Cameron
Day 11 July 12 Christa Norris & Jennifer Urezzio
Day 12 July 13 Di Challenor

This event is MADE for YOU. Check out the details HERE


If you’d like to join the conversation and make deeper connections with your listeners, please go here now to “join” the group. If we’re not friends on Facebook already, feel free to ‘friend’ me, so I can easily tag you during the event. This will allow others on Facebook to easily find and follow you there.

Our Host, Di Challenor’s story… You might be surprised, but just like you, and not all that long ago I’ve struggled with all of the above and more.


At times, I really wanted to give up – I felt lost, confused, had no direction or passion for the things I love. I couldn’t even get out of bed for days in a row. I was in an emotionally abusive marriage, at times I felt I was losing my mind trying to keep ahead of all the lies I was being fed. And I kept doubting and questioning myself, getting more and more confused and stressed as time went by.

My marriage breakdown gave me a gift. I found the spiritual path to access my inner strength, connection, magic and wisdom. I was lead on a journey finding my brilliance, self-worth and happiness while having faith to keep on going, trusting that spirit supports me to grow, to invest in and care for myself so I could serve and care for others. I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. This light kept me strong, giving me the freedom to be me and add value to the world.

I know that being unhappy in your life, and in your heart centre can create roadblocks – big ones, and they rob you of your unique magic!

I’m soooo glad I’m here with you right now, virtually, in your inbox, because you need to hear what I am about to say. I can help and I’m not alone…

Di Challennor.

Sara Troy.

I was recently invited to be on an event with a worldwide reach as part of a team of 22 intuitive, psychic, transformational coaches & experts, who have come together at the request of my friend, Di Challenor, a Holistic Intuitive Coach.

The Connecting to your Intuition Masterclass (Summit)

How to access your inner voice to step confidently and clearly into your purpose

And together we are going to help and support you.

We are getting ready to bring this amazing event to the world and want to make sure you have your spot to take part.


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