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One Thousand shows and Counting

WOW, One Thousand shows with more to come. What an honour it has been to interview such amazing people from around the globe who are making such a magnificent difference in the world.

When I started this journey on Authentic You Media, (have 100 shows there) I had no idea it would take me to my own network. (Thank you Bill Macquis for starting the process) Now with this network just under 5 years strong, I personally have done a 1000 shows and collectively we have around 1900 shows in our Orchard of Wisdom Library.

My wings are spread, we are now doing Show-Case promo spots for business and speciality shows for those wanting a different type of promo profile. As always we will always be the one to celebrate the individual stories of strength courage and wisdom from those who have embraced their redirect in life and now serve humanity from a place of love. Be Our Guest

So come share your story with us, share your wonderful wisdom, our knowledge that Inspires and Invites our global nation to Embrace their own beautiful journey in life.




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