CA 18-17 Channeling Forgiveness with Robert O. Williams

Channelling Accessions with Sara Troy and Christina and Athella with guest Robert O. Williams. On Air from April 24th

Forgiveness as we channel our tender braveheart chakra and energy. When we notice unloving or unkind thoughts about others in our thought world, we instantly replace them with thoughts of total, Radical Forgiveness. Sending love energy from the heart chakra to the ones who have harmed us the most channels our highest energy, LOVE VIBRATION, and we can even feel it in the chest when we do this. If the name of the game is to keep all channels open, then do this exercise whenever you are tempted to blame, criticize, or hold on to past hurts.. what a relief and release it is for oneself to truly FORGIVE! Christina Hill.

Self Forgiveness is a releasement of our inner pain, the despair and anguish of feeling unforgiven can erode ones life and lowers are vibrations and spirals down a detriment path. Before you seek forgiveness from another, be forgiving of your self and raise your vibration to a loving frequency. Sara Troy.

Robert O. Williams (former Beach Boy musician) who now has brought to us tools in raising our heart vibrations and vibrational water to feed our souls and hearts and planet, speaks to us on forgiveness of the heart. Sara Has interviewed Robert 3 times before, for more in-depth information on his Heart App and OneO8 water GO HERE


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