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Show-Case Opportunity

Show-Case an Event or Something special and share with the world.

Homing in on something special and letting everyone know what it is about, invites the audience to be inspired to participate. Truly sharing your Why, and What you are doing, allows people to connect in a resonance and ask for the How, Where and When.

We as an audience are far more connected when we hear what this means to the people sharing their conviction and in how it has enhanced their own lives. We like to feel we are being spoken too, invited in because one cares. When we see your passion, we embrace ours.

Informational promos highlighting the events and or organization.

Product event/promo, show-casing the companies philosophy and products.



These events will be broken down into 4 sections that will be addressed in a conversational manner.

Each person will be asked to speak about their organization and why they joined and what it means to them. They will be addressed individually and on certain topics directly if they are covering a particular side of things.

  1. The philosophy behind the organization and which community’s they serve. I.E. Philanthropy, globalization, its platform.
  2. Products and benefits, what has it done for you and why it is so different? 
  3. Business Platform, how easy is it to do and the rewards, how it has benefited you and your team, why is it different to other company’s out there.
  4. The comradery of the team and support for the organization. Finishing it off with, in how this has changed each of your lives. 

In order to give you full coverage and represent your brand and message, we desire the following things from you.

Your Names and company name.

Event dates and location. If not an event but an info intro, provide easy links to the upcoming events page.

A Jpeg picture of the individuals involved and company logo and pictures of products.

A Blurb on the topic at hand i.e Philosophy of the organization. Word Doc, not PDF, please.

A Suggested Topic Title, final say will be at producers discretion.

A short bio that speaks to who you are, make it warm and inviting. Word Doc, not PDF, please.

Outline of your organization’s program. Word Doc, not PDF, please.

A short info video  (2-5 minutes long) on your what your organization is. (Not another interview )

Your Skype-Landline-Mobile numbers.

Your Social media ( your site or a social media) and company links.

Your information needs to be in a week to 7 days prior to the interview.

Your Date and time for the interview will be discussed with you and an air date set.

Please find a quiet spot to do your interview and with a strong wifi connection, please be aware of your surrounds for the video and make sure the lighting is strong enough to see you clearly.

Headphones and mic always work best if you have them.

We air you on Soundcloud under Show -Case shows. Google Play for convenience and audio and video on our Youtube. Under Show-Case Shows.   You will feature on the On AIR PAGE, and EVENTS and Show-Case shows and our Blog and Your Stories.

Your payment of $100.00 US Dollars (intro price) gives you a full month coverage of upfront airtime across many pages. 

Please send information to  


Do you wish to become a host?



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