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How Tarot Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

The art of Tarot is ancient; practised to build deep spiritual connections and give us a personal insight into our subconscious. In our modern world, a rise in mental illness has made us more aware of the importance of a healthy mind. As introspection and self-exploration are key practices for a healthy mental state, Tarot reading can help you reflect on your personal wellbeing. It is, however, important that Tarot is approached responsibly and practised with self-awareness to ensure a healthy relationship with the cards.

Set your intentions

Tarot is intended for self-discovery; building a connection with your spiritual self and the universe. To avoid a negative dependency on Tarot cards, practice readings that are focused on bringing self-awareness, and not towards predicting the future. When used in this capacity you can see how Tarot can benefit your mental health.

Find a good reader

Tarot is a deeply personal experience, and although everyone possesses the ability to interpret the cards themselves, sometimes a personal reading can become influenced or biased towards a specific meaning. It can be quite daunting to find a professional reader that can be trusted, so sites like Kasamba can pair you with an online reader, and Yelp can match you with a reader locally.

Change the narrative

The temptation is always there to ask the cards for answers to trivial questions: “When will I find love?” or “When will I progress in my career?”. The cards are unable to predict the future, and the answers they provide will inevitably be frustrating. Try instead to ask “What can help me find love?” or “What can I do to prepare for a career change?”. These introspective questions will help you to find a greater understanding of yourself.

Avoid Repetition

It can be easy to become fixated on finding the solution to a problem in the cards, especially when the first interpretation isn’t particularly satisfactory. Repeating the same question over and over again, and expecting a different outcome can lead to an unhealthy obsession. Focus on the purpose of your reading – to develop your personal wellbeing – and remove yourself from negative practices.

You are in control

Occasionally the cards bring warnings of bad news or trouble. Although a stark warning may fill you with dread, it is always within your power to change the course of events in your life. The cards do not predict the future, they simply provide guidance.

Try not to take interpretations too literally; it is your emotional and intuitive responses that are the most important in providing greater insight to your wellbeing.

By Sally Writes



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