NAD 18-02 Co-dependence the addiction that screams the loudest and is heard the least

The Nature of Addictions with Sara Troy and her guest Roslyn Saunders, on air from January 9th

 Roslyn Saunders

Entrepreneur, author, speaker, educator.  Roslyn Saunders is all these things, however, the role she considers warrants most kudos, is that of addiction recovery advisor.

Born into a family with a rich heritage of debilitating addictions, Roslyn was ‘soaking in it’.  Both parents were substance abusers.  Her father, an alcoholic, was dead at 48.  Her mother, a perennial Valium consumer, never recovered when at 55, she suffered a stroke and died some years later where she was institutionalised.  Both were heavy smokers.  Although not aware at the time, Roslyn now understands their behaviour, while destructive, was nothing compared to the insidious disease going on inside them.

Not heart disease, cancer or obesity, her parents were suffering from co-dependence or addiction.

Now an author of the compelling and practical guide, Co-dependence – the addiction that screams the loudest and is heard the least, Roslyn is well versed on the subject.  In her words, co-dependence is about dealing with our addiction for using people, places and things to replace what we perceive are missing.


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A PhD in Co-dependence

With brutal candour, Roslyn will tell you she married an alcoholic she could compromise her values too.  Built successful businesses where she could indulge a desperate need for overwork.  And produced a family of four children to continue the tradition.  She will tell you she did everything to avoid the train wreck that inevitably came in marriage breakdown, financial challenges in business, and losing it all.

Though difficult, this was nothing compared to dealing with the addictions which emerged in her children who as teenagers succumbed to alcohol, heroin and marijuana.  Roslyn experienced years of extraordinary duress, dealing with defiant, abusive kids, visits to rehab centres and prison, remaining hyper-vigilant about her children’s safety.  On admittance to the hospital’s psychiatric ward when finally overwhelmed, she begged hospital staff to let her die.

What Roslyn will now tell you is her deep gratitude for this experience, which afforded her the insights and wisdom to address co-dependent behaviour in herself.  Now with the benefit of a lifetime’s experience (and a Ph D in co-dependence), she is now inspiring greatness in others who are navigating a pathway to recovery.

Roslyn brings a practical and grounded approach to work with and inspires people to face challenges in personal and professional life.  The first to acknowledge it is a lifelong process, she draws on her vast experience and learning to educate clients to navigate meaningful, sustainable change and live more balanced lives.

Roslyn is available for one to one coaching, seminars, workshops and joint venture opportunities and is best contacted on

Mobile: +61 439 339166



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