WJ 17-45 Keys To Emotional Wellness and Healing After Losing A Loved One

Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods Mullins and her guest August Pettigrew, on air from November 7th 

Changing and Transitions series

One of the key parts of our journey, as we age, is dealing with the loss of a loved one.  It is a fact of life that inevitably those we care about will make their final transition and move on to the next phase of another kind of journey.   When this happens what can we take away from this experience that can help us to grow?  How we do move forward during our grieving process? How do we heal is a way that we can find something positive from the experience?

August Pettigrew, Author and Mother shares with us her poignant experience of losing a daughter after a long battle with a terminal disorder.  Her story is not only beautiful, but she shares with us some key learnings that have helped her continue on after such a great loss.


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August Pettigrew retired from public service after 36 years.   While working she was also a mother, care provider, and completing her undergraduate work. Her life mission is to never stop working, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating others to live their best life now.   She is now writing books and sharing with others the positive message that they are regardless of their circumstance there is help to get through the situation with a renewed sense of self, attitude, and purpose.

She is the author of four books, Starla’s House

Magnolia My Life In Poem, 

Chickenographer, and Letter’s I Never Sent.

Twitter – www.twitter.com/Agustjp8

Instagram – www.instagram.com/AugustJPettigrew


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  1. I have known August Pettigrew for almost 40 years, and I have seen her growth and maturity from her teenage years to motherhood to phenomenal woman of God. She is truly a role model for young girls and women of all ages.

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