Korrine Holt

Author of Poetic Ascension: Attuned to Love and creator of Poetry with Benefits video series, Korrine Holt has merged her experiences as an artist and writer with wisdom gleaned from her journey of awakening.

Listening to the call of her soul, she weaves art and poetry into a tapestry of universal teachings. Intimate with both distress and deep contentment, her insights express wise compassion for our collective hardships and guidance for their healing.

Working with individuals, small groups, or a larger audience, she radiates the attunement to Source, holding the space for transformational energy to greet each person in alignment with their soul’s calling.

Whether through the creative works or live interactions, the offering is an opportunity to experience the power of unity consciousness and the unprecedented influence it offers to our lives and the world.





Attune to Love

Creations for Well-Being,

Conversations for the Soul


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