Anti Bullying shows

Bullying is a destroyer, it kills morale, spirits and hearts and self-esteem is crippled.

Why we see so much of it speaks to our society and the human condition to hurt others to heal ourselves. Here you will find the many shows done on Bullying, I hope they inspire you and heal you, for we can not be a victim of bullying if we wish to live a fruitful life.








0060 Cyber & Verbal Bullying and its Ramifications

RG21-04 Brenda E. Koch, Kids books to Accept and Unify

TS21-12 Laura Suria, and Isabelle’s Suicide Story of Hope.

C22-15.Victoria Coure. A Contagious Smile after Abuse

TM22-02 Ann Silvers and Abuse OF Men BY Women.

MA18-28 Bully Busting 101 with Doug Setter

18-22 Does Childhood Neglect and Trauma make Villians?

TBT 18-01 Parenting in the digital age with Neo and Rob