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Sara’s List, asking OUT-LOUD for what I need

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I recently interviewed Yuval of the book The List, where he says SHOUT it out loud so others know what you need. I am of the old school, it is suggestive hints, imply, but do not ask outright, this is a pattern I am trying to change.

I am always saying we are a village, we need to embrace our own divine gift of life and live from the inside out to serve our village and be strong as a unit. Each of us was gifted a skill, a talent, and knowledge that is our gift to share. When we discover that gift and allow it to be, we see why we are here and what we are here do.

So why do some of us find it hard to ask for help? Why do we not speak to our needs and invite others to guide us share with us and strengthen our calling? Do we not feel worthy of that kindness that belief in us?

It has been a very long journey for me to ask for help, but, here I am sharing my list so I can reach my next level in my meaningful purpose in life.

For those who may not know me, I run own and host an online radio station called, Self Discovery  I personally do up to 7 interview shows a week myself and have other hosts too. With 1800+ collective shows and around 800 shows myself, running this station is a full-time job. I am being paid in kindness and love, I love what I am doing for it gives me purpose while serving humanity, but we know that to grow one needs tools and other services so the material currency i.e money is needed to grow further.

This List is one that will support the station’s growth in serving more people by liberating their meaningful purpose and inner joy.  When we share in celebration those who have crumbled and fallen only to get back up to find that reason for living and serving mankind, we are offering their wisdom, their know-how and their tools that will help others on their own life journey.

EBook: We have an Ebook series that is written by our radio guests, each contributing a chapter sharing their wisdom that invites you to come back and listen to their shows with us.

So here I go, without apology, with confidence in the results and in the kindness and collaboration of my believers and with my gratitude we will grow and sustain.


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  2. SEO help to reach more people with our shows, store and Ebook series.
  3. Expansion into other countries with new hosts
  4. Opportunities: Sponsorship of a show genre where we promote you on every show and show posting plus your own page and show on your company.
  5. Opportunity hosting: Guest hosting, do your own show and send to me and we take from there giving you a show posting with the audio to share around. Full time hosting is available too, your own show name, page and audio links.
  6. We currently have a subscription and donation platform, so if you wish to just support us to hire the people we need to expand, anything will be most gratifying and put to good use.

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Thank you for reading any ideas I would love to hear from you

Sara Troy

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