GreenZone Hero Association for Veteran-Friendly Business

Veterans and their families spend nearly a trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) a year in the U.S. Economy and continue to rise! To enter that marketplace, join our National Movement, enlist your company as a GreenZone Hero “Veteran-Friendly” Business today!!!

The GreenZone Hero community is being built to increase awareness of businesses that offer benefits to veterans and to help Member businesses grow and prosper. GreenZone Hero also works to raise the profile of veteran-focused nonprofit foundations and to help raise donations and support for our Ambassador organizations.


Does your business plan cover all your potential market segments? The veteran/military affinity market includes nearly 25 million potential Consumers as Veterans, Active Duty Personnel, and their families who spend over 1 Trillion dollars annually in the U.S. Economy.


A Green Zone is a safe place in a combat zone, a GreenZone Hero is a “safe” place for veterans and their families and friends to do business.

What is powerful about the veteran market?

1. Over 22 million (22,000,000) veterans reside in America with 20,000 leaving active duty every month. 2. 1.5 million (1,500,000) men and women currently serve on Active Duty. 3. Veterans, Active Duty Personnel, and their families spend over a Trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000) annually in the U.S. Economy. 4. 96% of polled Americans have a highly favourable opinion of companies that show public support for current and former military personnel. 5. 82% of surveyed Americans said they had patronised one business over another because it showed public support of the veterans and military. 6. 41% of polled Americans say they would actually stop or reduce their spending with companies that do not support veterans. 7. These fellow Americans have supported (and, sometimes died) for our Freedoms.

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The GreenZone Hero community founded by John  Krotec, says, 

We encourage every business in America to join GreenZone Hero ranks.  A GreenZone Hero “Veteran-Friendly” Business honours veterans and themselves.  They have a high standard of commitment to others AND to the US economy. They know it is the “right thing to do.”

Our Motivation

To create commerce for American businesses that honour and serve our veterans.  To build sustainable residual funding for our Nonprofit Ambassadors.

We Believe that appreciation and recognition and commerce matters!  The veterans who selflessly served our Country deserve it and the businesses that provide veteran friendly goods and services deserve it, too!

We serve those who serve by providing a platform for them to connect with one another.  GreenZone Hero provides tangible recognition and appreciation and commerce for both businesses and veterans – a place where veterans in particular and, all Americans in general, can find, select, and show their support by patronizing businesses that openly and proudly “do the right thing“!

We employ, serve, and are even a Veteran-owned company.

Be part of the GreenZone Hero movement.

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