TSM 17-21 Cary Allen Stone author of Through a Mother’s Eyes: A True Story

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Cary Allen Stone, on air from May 23rd 

Why Do Some Crimes Get Tons of Media Attention While Some Get No Coverage At All?

A chilling look at human nature in a context where the lines between right and wrong become sadly blurred. It’s a compelling account of one woman’s life, and what drove her to take the life of her six-year-old son. How everyday choices shape our perceptions, justifications, and actions. One must consider how close to the edge we all are. It’s a true story told in layman’s terms, with the hope of preventing another tragic loss.


My backstory is, I spent forty years inside the cockpits of corporate jets and airlines and because of my flying career, I believe I acquired a unique perspective on life. I was fortunate in 1992 to fly Ridley Scott on a location scout in the Caribbean islands.         We talked about writing and building an image with the words. He was an awesome mentor to a new author. I graduated from college with a Bachelor of Arts. I have been involved in feature films in Hollywood and Indie films in Phoenix. I’ve done voice-over radio commercials, and stand-up comedy. I’m a proud male member of the oldest women’s writers club––the Phoenix Writer’s Club, and a member of the International Thriller Writer’s. Bestselling authors Clive Cussler and Tim Dorsey endorsed my “Stealing Atlanta.” My five Jake Roberts Novels are Readers’ Favourite Five Stars in crime fiction and psychological thrillers.


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