SDE 17-28 Journey to Personal Freedom with Kim Karrington Cartwright

Self Discovery’s EBook series author Kim Karrington Cartwright hosted by Sara Troy

My Chapter is about the Journey to Personal Freedom, Self-Worth, Invincibility and Resiliency. It is about releasing the ties that bind and becoming so strong at your core that you stop vacillating as to what is truly right action. You stop asserting yourself against the world and its conditions, being in its face, and taking on the heavy burden of saving everyone and everything because you do not believe that anyone else will step up to the plate. It is being strong and supple as the water that passes over the rocks and branches along its path. It is not attacking problems. It is controlling them by swinging, swaying and swimming with them. Water changes the flow and adapts to circumstances and its environment. It is about my Book Trilogy, “The Taste of Freedom”, and knowing that once you taste the Freedom of Being in all its magnificence, you can never forget it. You can claim your self-worth, wholeness, and inherent value and make choices from living in that valued space and identity. – Kim Karrington Cartwright.


Kim is a Published Poet, a BMI songwriter, spent years in the Music Industry as a singer, doing session work and commercials, and performing at well-known Nightclubs in L.A. and other venues. She also performed as a dancer and did Television and stage work. Kim is a long-time member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS) and has had longstanding membership in the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS).

Kim is also an artist,  photographer, writer, author and singer.