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LM 17-12 Preparing for Spontaneity with Harold Payne

“for the LOVE of Music”  with Nathen Aswell and his guest Harold Payne, on air from March 21st

Harold Payne is a Multi-platinum and posi award winning songwriter, whose works have been recorded by such artists as Rod Stewart, Patti LaBelle, Kelly Rowland and, literally, from Peter Paul & Mary to Snoop Dogg. He co-wrote Bobby Womack’s “Bravest Man in the Universe” album which won the prestigious “Q” award in the UK for “album of the year” 2012.

He performs over 200 dates a year, and he also uses his improvisational song talents to create custom songs and “musical recap” song summaries at corporate events. He has also done a TEDx talk, entitled “Preparing For Spontaneity”.


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