ECO 17-07 Tiny House Living with Samantha Gambling

ECO Solutions with Sara Troy and her guest  Samantha Gambling, on air from February 14th 


What is a tiny house?

Tiny houses can be incorporated into future and existing neighborhoods to address cities’ needs for housing supply, gentle densification, infilling in place of green fielding and the populating of neighborhoods to support existing services and community amenities. As part of a pocket village or as a single unit, tiny homes champion liveability in a new holistic way, with the aim to cultivate environmental, community and personal health.

There is no formal definition of a tiny house; according to The Tiny Life, “tiny houses come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, but they all enable simpler living in a smaller, more efficient space.” The BC Tiny House Collective’s defines a tiny house as:

  • less than 500 square feet
  • fully functional single housing unit that includes all of the basic amenities of a permanent home
  • detached or semi-attached (as part of a housing complex)
  • mobile (on wheels or a temporary foundation)
  • customizable, tailored to individual taste and budget
  • designed and built on the principles of affordability, community (social wellness and inclusion) and ecological sustainability (for instance, through the use of renewables, deconstructed materials, and passive building methods)

This working definition allows the tiny house to be seen as a unique housing stock, and differentiate it from other small dwellings, such as laneway homes, RVs and mobile homes, modular units and micro suites.



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Samantha Gambling, co-founder of the BC Tiny House Collective, is currently having a tiny house built. Her house is ten feet wide, 22 long, on wheels and 320 square feet. We have secured a plot of land to showcase it north of Mount Pleasant, and are engaging with City of Vancouver staff to get the demonstration project underway. It’s our opportunity to measure neighbor response, build awareness on tiny and highlight and test new technology and sustainability practices related to waste management, water, deconstructed building materials and renewable energy systems.


We are also looking for new demonstration lots through community land trusts and partnerships in order to explore tiny house pocket villages and additional single unit pilots.

Interested parties or developers can contact Samantha directly at

Samantha Gambling is the community animator (ie. networker and facilitator) for the Farm to School Vancouver Area regional hub, and Area Coordinator for the Metro Vancouver 2017 Homeless Count. She’s a graduate of the UBC Farm Practicum in Sustainable Agriucultre, and recently completed her Master’s degree on food sovereignty and dairy policy in UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Sam is on the Steering Commitee of the North Shore Table Matters Network and Community Housing Action Committee, is the co-founder and pilot lead for the BC Tiny House Collective, and is currently involved in a number of food and housing related projects in the Vancouver area.


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