LM 17-06 Starchild & The Mystiques

“for the LOVE of Music”  with Nathen Aswell and his guest Fanny Starchild & Vegari Cendar (The Mystiques) on air from February 7th. 


Starchild & The Mystiques are an adaptable musical ensemble built around the original music of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Fanny Starchild and bassist/guitarist/vocalist Vegari Cendar, performed in a variety of styles including Reggae, Calypso, Latin, R’n’B, Rock and Afro-Pop. Starchild & The Mystiques were featured entertainers at the 2010 Winter Olympics, and they have performed at Festivals all across Canada.

FANNY STARCHILD – After running away from home in rural Quebec, Fanny lived as a gypsy around places like San Francisco, L.A., Tucson, and San Diego, teaching herself guitar, bass and flute, and developing her formidable vocal skills. Eventually settling in Vancouver, she played with the La-La’s, the Animal Band, and then her own group, the Earth Lovers.

VEGARI CENDAR – Originally from St. Lucia, Vegari came to Canada at age 18, finished high school in Toronto, then moved to Vancouver where he honed his skills on guitar, bass, keyboards and percussion, becoming a seasoned performer competent in many styles. A seasoned traveller, he has toured extensively throughout Canada and the U.S. as bassist for Juno award-winner Alpha Diallo.


Here is a sample of their music, you can download the free Sound Cloud APP HERE 




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