SVL 17-003 Why am I hosting “ECO Solutions”

Sara’s View of Life with Sara Troy, on air from January 17th 


I am a radio host, I am a soul awakener, a people’s redirect celebrator, so why am I hosting a show on ECO Solutions?

We cannot embrace our soul’s purpose or our heart’s desire if we do not embrace this beautiful planet for we are at one with each other. You rely each and every day on this earth to provide for you, you cannot live without our MAMA EARTH.

So hosting a genre on how we can start serving our planet seemed the right step to do. Most of the time we simply do not know what to do or what really is needed from us. So each week I will bring you different experts on what we can do for our planet to sustain it for our future.

I am very involved in Energime University” where educating through on-line mentorship helps our next generation to understand our earth’s needs and in our own sustainability.  Each of the many ordinary extraordinary people I interview are proactively doing something in sustainability and in such innovative ways.

So join me each week on ECO Solutions and see who is making a difference one step at a time, you will be heartened and inspired by what we can do in such simple ways. 



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