LM 17- 004 ToNight we Dance with Trevor Lindal

“for the LOVE of Music” with Sara Troy and her guest Trevor Lindal, on air from January 24th 


From a young age ŁINDAL has always been performing, whether it be for his friends and family, solos in his school choirs or at church. But just 15109445_1801211013467035_1065968272622343411_nsinging his favourite songs wasn’t enough. ŁINDAL knew he was an artist and he wanted to express himself as one!

With the impatience to pursue his dreams and for the love of music, It wasn’t until ŁINDAL hopped on a plane to Vancouver, leaving hometown Winnipeg, that his vision started to come alive. After many days and nights in the dimly lit studio, countless Redbull’s and songs later… ŁINDAL is finally ready to share his songs with the world.

Inviting passers by to come get their groove on and dance dance dance he set spirits high and gots some toes tapping.


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Lindal’s songs, check out his new song Wish you could