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16-51&52 Seed, Water, Nurture 2017 Possibilities

Sara Troy on Sara’s View of Life, on air from December 20-January 2nd 

We have worked hard to for fill our dreams, to build our platform, to reach those goals. The Year 2017 is the year where the harvest will grow higher enough to pick and abundance will be achieved.

I have been on this journey for nearly 5 years, and when I first started out in radio blogging, I had no idea it would be what it is today and I am so proud of how far I have come. From that first show back in April 2012, I have made many discoveries about myself along the way, one of them being “Yes I can do it, I can reach my dreams.”

When I first started out I knew nothing, it was all by the seat of my pants, winging it as they say. Now with a very clear vision, I see where I want to go, what needs to be achieved now, and I see before me the path to my accomplishment.

The one thing I know above all else is that I am doing what I was designed to do in life,  this is my calling my meaningful purpose and I am just getting started.  The vision I see before me, the cohesive, harmonious collaborations already in play, the symphony of my choir is singing its song loud and clear.

So come hear what 2017 means for Self Discovery Radio, for me and for all of us, for I am doing this to serve all of you. I have seeded, watered nurtured for nearly 5 years, and now growth is before me, serving us as a whole, as a community as a global concern.



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Take a look at this movie, for it is so inspiring, so inviting and shows us, that although we may not always see the growth progress, the seeds are growing and soon will be abundant.


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