for the LOVE of Music


“for the Love of Music” celebrates performers and musicians. 

Music is truly a language of its own, it speaks to us about us and for us, feeling our pain our sorrow, raising our spirits in joy, and uniting us in love. It crosses all language barriers, all faiths, and sets the stage of life for us to live in.

We will be bringing you musicians and performers producers and more, who will share their love of music and why it means so much to them. Knowledge of the industry and what music means to all of us coming from every part of the world, in every faith, in every style, speaking to our heart soul and spirits.

If you are a musician performer we would love to hear from you. 

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LM19-21 Keya Kyea – One Nation – Quantum Reunification - “for the LOVE of Music” and Quantum Spirituality with Sara Troy and her guest Keya Kyea (Pralet), on air from May 21st The times we are in are indeed pivotal to the consciousness of the New Earth that is settling in a more and more visible manner every day, but at the same time represent … Continue reading LM19-21 Keya Kyea – One Nation – Quantum Reunification

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