WH16-49 Your Personal Life with Dr. Greg Tefft

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Aired Dec 6-19, 2016

Join Suma Nathan, Bill Macquis and their special guest Dr. Greg Tefft one of the worlds leading experts in Personalized Nutrition, founder ArborVitae and the author of the best selling book titled “Your Personal Life: Measuring What Your Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong & Better” for an hour informative, inspirational and insightful discussion on  personal nutrition that will enable to to answer the following question…

“Are you a “Guessing” Diet Gambler or a do you want to be a “Knowing” Nutrition Detective?

and how Dr Tefft’s innovative test and his book are going to enable you to begin living a healthier, happier and more active life today.

As we say here on Wise Health…

“A daily dose of prevention is the key to living a healthier, happier and more active life!


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About Dr. Greg Tefft

Wise Health

Dr. Tefft, author of the internationally bestselling book Your Personal Life, Measuring What Your Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong & Better, is a renowned board-certified naturopathic and chiropractic physician, three-time Natural Mr. America, former Olympic and U.S. Swim Team sports-med staff doctor, and well known drugless clinician to the stars at Malibu Health & Rehabilitation Center. He says that EVERY illness can be traced to what we put in our mouths. And the opposite holds true, every illness can be eliminated by putting the RIGHT foods in our mouths.

Now that doesn’t mean eating the accepted standard “healthy diet,” or living on wheatgrass and kale. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.  Because EVERY body is different — which means that your health is a matter of what is nutritionally correct for your body only.  You must give it the very nutrients that are lacking, while reducing the ones that are excessive. And the only way to accomplish this is to test using a lock of your hair instead of 1,000 blood tests as the basis for an exacting analysis. This ends the guesswork by you or your doctors.

Why is using ONE lock of hair so vital as a biopsy specimen? Because it’s the same as taking twelve blood tests a day for three months. This approach eliminates daily errors in blood fluctuations and identifies long-term mineral and related nutrient patterns that are more reliable for therapeutic intervention and permanent change. Urine and saliva do not measure up as saliva provides no reflection of nutrient status, while urine shows what is excreted, not assimilated by cells.

Furthermore, in his book, Dr.Tefft lays out why the health system is failing people today with standardized nutrition advice–and just how our genes and metabolic state predetermine what works for us and what doesn’t.  According to Dr. Tefft, “Experiencing the fastest healing process and the healthiest, fittest, longest life possible is totally based on a tug-of-war between what’s inside of you and what nutrition choices you make as well as what you are exposed to from the outside environment. Food is always the dominant variable.

For more information about Dr Tefft and ArborVitae Nutrition and information about how you can “Take the test to be your best”
click here

For those of you interested in taking the test Dr Tefft has put together a special promotional price to our listeners. Just enter the following code in the spaces provide on the on-line order and the prices will automatically be adjusted: Enter the following code: 320CA 1006

More about Dr Tefft’s Book…

“Your Personal Life: Measuring What Your Body Needs to Live Lean, Long, Strong & Better

Wise HealthThis is a guidebook to the final mega-trend in health: personalized nutrition, the precise use of nutrition for the purpose of healing, permanent weight loss, peak performance and living long. Dr. Tefft describes how he has helped develop a system of nutritional testing where each individual body chemistry is digitally measured and analyzed for its own exact chemical make-up of foundational minerals, vitamins and toxicities and then corrected for imbalances, to each person’s specific need. This is a scientific plan for using the personalized nutrition approach to create health by enabling your own body chemistry to restore balance to mineral and vitamin excesses, deficiencies, ratio imbalances and toxicities, the Building Blocks of health or illness.

Dr. Tefft’s teachings, health guidance and targeted nutrition plan have been bringing people into the prime of their greatest health. This book is at last an end to healing and weight-loss guesswork.

* No matter how worn out your body feels now, it can feel brand new following your personalized nutrition plan for creating wellness.

* Learn how you can scientifically measure your own health status and let your body-chemistry tell you what you need to lose weight or heal illness.

* Stop wondering, “Which health program really works?” – because now you can measure the results.

Dr. Tefft’s book offers you insights on:

  • How we got to this place of explosive ddiet-related disease… The controlling elements that contribute to our unique nutrition blueprint
  • Symptoms can’t be used as a guide for selecting foods or supplements to improve your health.
  • How nutrition therapy is putting people’s health in their own hands and taking it out of the doctors’
  • Dramatic case histories that show the power of personalized nutrition over degenerative diseases
  • The latest medically proven technology being used to obliterate 81% of all that we suffer from
  • How he became his own first case history


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