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Mr Presedent by Julie Renee

Mr President

Many of my students have asked me to help them adjust to the idea of our new president. this is my guidance, I hope you find it helpful.

As we usher in a new age, and a new day in the US, under new leadership, there are those in our community who are perhaps sad, disappointed and confused. How could this happen? I have been asked this question many times this week. So let’s look at the bigger picture…

There is a divine order even in chaos, one of my favorite sayings is “everything is happening as it should and in Divine order, no matter how things seem to appear”.
Trust in a higher plan. I encourage you to trust and watch for the divine to work through our President elect. He may have a direct positive influence, or some of what he brings to the table is impossible and has to transform, and so as he transforms, he leads others like himself to this shift.
He wants to be an instrument for change, we can use our vision to see him ushering in good, and that light amplifies around him. Remember what we focus on expands so if you’re seeing a dork plague…that’s what his Presidential time will be. Do you want that?
More than you can know or have access to in present time. All is not how it appears on earth in the divine realms and there is reason for this particular man, Donald Trump, to be President at this time. Think about it, we are in the middle of a 95-year era change moving out of the Piscean age, which was fraught with patriarchal rule and suppression, domination, and out of balance control issues. We’re moving into an age of light, androgyny and equality. There could be great value of a vestige of the old, coming to the surfacing to be polished like a gemstone, for the entire country and world to experience in the light. Ushering out the patriarchal era he may help as he is forced to change and be a guide for others
One of the very positives about Mr. Trump is his leadership abilities and his success on a grand scale. He truly does have strong leader-like qualities even if some of his choices, comments and parts of his personality are not so good. We have all got a few foibles in our background, his are very much in the light and public, let’s see how we can pray for and envision together a wonderful coming 4 years.

Be more generous than you thought you could with your thoughts towards our President elect. Imagine he, and his Presidency will do good. Our group mind is very powerful, don’t hold him in a prison of past mistakes, but a vision of who he could be. We are going for wise, elder love wisdom in our every step, now is time to put it into practice!

Much love,
Julie Renee Doering

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