Ask Sara about her View of Life


In the beginning there was a show called “Ask Sara” with Sara Troy, it is now called “Sara’s View of Life”.

Here are a few shows that got lost and now found, enjoy and do tell me what you think on the topics. To listen on a mobile please download  free APP HERE 

Signs in life: Are we paying attention to the signs that guide us? There are all around us all the time. 

Ask Sara about the Lonely: Loneliness is a killer, it kills the heart soul and spirit, how do we avoid being lonely? 

Ask Sara what maketh a woman: What defines us as a woman? a man another woman or is it defined by what is within us?

For an article on this GO HERE 

Ask Sara what maketh a Man”: Who is our man and what defines him as a real man rather than a boy trying to be a man? 

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