16-44 The Spirit and Soul of Music

Sara Troy with her Sara’s View of LIFE, on air form November 1st 


Music is  a healer, its soothes us lifts us free us and expresses our deepest desires pain and life.

On this show this week I want to share with you some of the music that lifts my heart and makes my soul sing. Music to meditate by to dance with to let our spirits fly, for music for me is in its fluidity its freedom of being and its is voice of my reason for speaking to me and for me.

Music transcends all language, all race all conditions, it is our voice our hearts and our souls spirit.

Come hear my view on the empowerment of music


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This piece made me feel free, what does it do for you?

This song speaks to the worlds needs right now and forever, do you agree? 

Soul sexy rooting music, gets you down and dirty, what do you think? 

A song to raise our consciousness, its speaks to us in a way that invites us in to be a part of the solution, what   does it do for you?


This is one of the most exciting videos and such playing.

One of my all time favourite groups.

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