C16-45a Photography Breathes Memories into Life.

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I’m a professional commercial and lifestyle photographer with heart! I create beautiful, soulful portraits for those ready to share their innate brilliance, inspire others and make a lasting impression and positive impact. 
14705799_10154598753959450_1551970409670042888_nWell into my twelfth year in business, my work is best known for its soulful and authentic quality. My diverse background as a makeup artist, advertising coordinator and producer along with my calm and genuine nature has given me an edge in my work.  I see truth and beauty in people and naturally capture who they are on film. Portrait photography is collaborative in nature so I work closely together with my clients as part of the creative process well before they step in front of the camera. In this way, clients will be more clear on the direction they envision and know what to expect  for their shoot and will ultimately feel at ease, and in most cases, excited during their shoot. Their true self shines through, which of course is the magic recipe for natural and authentic portraits. My photography is successful when my images emanate life and genuine emotion and the viewer experiences an emotional connection or sense of familiarity with the subject. As an artist, this is the most meaningful to me and why I am so passionate about what I do.
I recently joined the team as an independent consultant at Beautycounter, reincorporating my expertise in makeup providing my clients with professional makeup & hair styling for their portraits shoots along with safer personal care and makeup products they can use in their daily lives.  As an avid lover of children, animals and our world, I’m very proud to stand behind a company that is setting a new standard for health and safety in the industry, combined with the professional, high-end quality that I demand for my clients, myself and my family.


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Originally from Vancouver, I am currently based in Victoria, BC however make regular visits to Vancouver for clients, commercial assignments and family and friends.


WHY holding a photograph is so important

My father was a fantastic amateur photograph and I feel so grateful to have album upon album of amazing photographs of our life growing up together, not to mention photographs from previous generations. Each photograph tells a story and takes me back to a time, a moment or a feeling that I would not otherwise have remembered without seeing it. I’m so grateful to have all our family photographs in print, in albums, in wall portraits and digitally to look back upon and share with my family and friends. Nowadays, it’s so easy to take a million pictures and save them to your computer to never see them again. Holding a photograph in your hands means so much more, not only to remember that moment in time, but to remember where you came from so that you can better understand who you are.  Capturing the real moments in life as they happen along with professional photography is so important for our joy, sharing memories with others and preserving for future generations.


                Photographer | Portrait, Commercial & Editorial

Fashion and beauty images by Linda Mackie Photography

Fashion and beauty images by Linda Mackie Photography

Breathing Life Into Your Image


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