TSM16/32 TruthFairy Transformation. BE. DO. LIVE

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Donna Syed aired August 9th-


Discover the Truth about You, your Journey and how to define Trust in ways that can revolutionize your life. 

Donna Syed is the acclaimed coach, writer and visionary behind the Truthfairy Experience™ and the Be. Do. Live® personal growth training’s for women.  Donna’s writing, speaking and experiential programs have inspired women from around the world to untangle, break through and break free from limiting beliefs, barriers and discover their own brilliant Truth.

In 2014, Donna released the Truth Fairy Experience™, Be. Do. Live.® transformational events and retreat programs designed for women who are seeking more meaning, purpose and vision in their expanding private and public lives. Her most recent work, the Boundary Map™ has been a pivotal teaching tool for women who struggle with personal boundaries and self-worth. As a victor over child abuse, spousal abuse and poverty, Donna brings forth the experiences and knowledge to lead women on the path to wholeness and purpose, inspiring them to fold-in and experience the power of Choice, Truth and Trust that leads to the freedom and pathways of their ultimate purpose and vision.

Donna Syed Bio Photo 290 x 290 (1)Donna’s gifts include advocacy and innovation specializing in women who find themselves disenfranchised, yet determined seekers of Truth, freedom + upward transition.

writ·er | vi·sion·ar·y | cat·a·lyst

Also on the List she is a: Writer, Talent Scout, Author, Contributor, Mastermind Group Facilitator, Somatic Dance Instructor, Laughing Foot-Clapper (with a side of snort), Algebra Lover, Logophile, Research Geek, Parking Space Pull-Through Protestor, Book Buzzsaw, Period Fashion Drooler, Sandlot Photographer, Wisdom Seeker, Lesson Learner–but otherwise, and foremost, just Donna Syed.


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 webinar BOUNDARY MAP™: How to Create Beautiful Boundaries That Honor Your Truth

  • Learn the easiest, fastest, and most painless way to examine and upgrade your personal boundaries
  • Learn how to get better at having healthy boundaries with less guilt, more love
  • Learn how to recognize the value of the people who have access to you and your life
  • Learn how to decide what the “price of admission” should be in your life
  • Free Gift: Access to my “right-now” tools that help you level-up your own Boundary Map™

Registration link: BoundaryMapAUG28

To discover more, visit: DonnaSyed.com

or TruthfairyProject.com



The article that brought me to Donna. ticket-oscars-can-you-believe-donna-syed



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