16/28 Feed the fear or fuel the change?

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We know whats wrong in the world, we know that greed and power the forever hungry need for control by the few over the masses, but do we know what we can do about it?

We have women and children enslaved into poverty, starvation, sex slavery and repression.

We have countries hosting an Olympics it cant afford while its own people starve.

We have countries dividing no matter the cost instead of unity.

We have politicians buying power to keep that power within the hands of those who will do nothing for the many and only serve the few.

We have wars and killings in the name of GODS, but really it is about control and power.

We are a global nations that still feeds the fear, still feeds hate, still feeds slavery….and we let it happen.

We are in a world that looks at all life as cattle and we treat our human and animal kingdom as garbage to dispose of or just consume.

KINDNESSSo what are we to do? How do we go up against the war money hungry powers and win?

How do you teach a man that a woman is not his property, not his sex slave not his servant?

How do you teach a sick person that children are not sex slaves or a work force for their profit?

How do we teach the establishment who have made money on the backs of our impoverished, that investing in people will bring more rewards that enslaving them?

How do we teach people about compassion, collaboration, and unity and a global love?

How do we teach people that kindness is the key to life, that caring it the fuel, that love is the answer?



Is it that simple? can we change the world by changing our selves? YES YES YES WE CAN.

We are the answer we seek, we can feed the hate the fear the power or we can step up and empower each other, we can stop the madness we can say no more; it just takes courage, strength, collaboration and commitment and a belief in humanity of what we can become; of what we really are, of what we are meant to be.

The change is within you, the change is YOU...for all answers are within our selves, all solutions are with in our grasp, all it needs is a belief that we can change so there for so can the world.

One person at a time, one community at a time, one nation at a time = a world where peace respect and kindness and love can have a chance. BUT we have to be that change we seek, we have to stop making excuses start being accountable for our action and stop feeding the fear, feeding the hate, feeding those in power, we have to stand up and be accountable and stop spouting what the problem is and start being the solution by changing they way we conduct our own lives and in the way we choose to see our selves in life.



So what are you going to do today to make a life better? what are you going to do today to embrace your OWN possibilities? What are you going to do today to enable, guide and empower someone else into liberation? Don’t just speak about it, DO IT one person at a time, one positive thought at a time, one action at a time, for at least you are now moving forward and making that difference the world seeks.

One drop of water at a time can make an ocean, be that ONE DROP of HOPE LOVE and SOLUTION.


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