TSM16/26 Makeover for your Soul…..Janelle Hoyland

Their Story Matter  with Sara Troy and her guest Janelle Hoyland aired June 28th


JANELLE BIO Soul Pathway Healer/ International Best-Selling Author/ Visionary/ Spiritual Teacher Janelle Hoyland is a renowned soul pathway healer, divine psychic, a transformation specialist, a lover of life to its fullest, and a face your fears dead on a person. She has done numerous radio shows and speaking engagements. Since the age of 19, she has been seeing clients from all over the world. Janelle’s life has been filled with challenges and gifts just like anyone else. She was born aware of her connection to the universe knowing and hearing her own loving guidance never leaving her side. She has been taught by the universe to shift your awareness. She goes into the blueprint of each soul to plunge out your soul system from debris while giving you a life line to your soul path direction. It is a makeover for your soul.

Currently she lives with her husband of 19 years and 3 wonderful kids in Texas.


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13086849_1006134799433668_2012844108443412943_o“I have been trained in my modalities of teaching by the universe. The two together has caused a revolution of healing with direct influence on your soul. I use movement and song as I have been taught to help you shift from mind to soul. In my work, I allow Angels, Ascended Master Teachers, Illuminated light beings of truth (Emissaries of the twelfth ray), guides and Master healers to work through me to allow the best possible healing for you. I plunge out your soul system from debris while giving you a life line to your soul path direction”

The shifts that can be made by her healing work can clear the pathway to your soul’s purpose in this lifetime and set your spirit free to guide you in the direction of your heart’s desire. Let your light shine…Janelle is here to help you through this process.

Janelle has offered a gift to Self Discovery Radio listeners 





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