TSM16/20 “Answers For Women” with Beth Hudson

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Beth Hudson aired May 17th-23rd

“It is about sharing our collective wisdom. It’s about empowerment.

It’s about connecting to our heart and soul.

I believe that we are all sparkly, beautiful souls and are here for a reason. I believe we are meant to have an amazing life of joy, full of abundance, that we are not meant to struggle

f2aa4f_28dc1d48c3dd4daf877fccba2dbd8c52It is only our own fears that hold us back….that and not being aligned with your hearts and souls.

Through my intuitive clarity coaching, I get the amazing opportunity to see magical, beautiful awakenings happen inside my clients, as they connect and see the whole picture for the first time.

They suddenly connect with their purpose, see their true worth, let go of their core fears that have been holding them back since childhood and see everything very clearly.

It’s so powerful and absolutely life changing!

I have gone through this process myself, and through my experiences, learning and intuitive writing, and know it can change your life. Through my experience, I have created a simple system to help other women do the same; to step in to their power, remove all barriers and blocks and live the purposeful life that they are meant to live.


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Answers For Women

When gifted women gather together, amazing bonds are formed and an expanded consciousness is the inspiring result. 

I am an Intuitive Clarity Coach at SoulMap.ca and the Founder & President of Answers For Women. 
Through a variety of creative modalities, I connect, inspire & empower women. 
Because of my journey, I am passionate about helping women to connect with their soul, step into their power, raise their vibration & create their life of joy.  As an award winning community leader, event planner, author, public speaker & graphic designer…I love to create and connect people, expanding hearts and changing the planet for the better. 
I believe in being transparent, as I share my stories & struggles, personal growth & lessons learned; inspiring other women to share, learn, grow & expand; so they too can make a difference in the lives of others. For many years I struggled. My core fears held me back. I felt unlovable & unworthy. This affected every area of my life. After an a-ha moment, I changed gears, stepped into my power & focused on making a difference. I connected with my soul & let go of my core fears. 
This catapulted me into a new life, as the founder and Executive Director of a non-profit organization, Intuitive Clarity Coach and Reiki practitioner. I currently facilitate SoulSpa workshops, events and expos throughout Ontario, for my Answers For Women tribe.
32b89634-480b-43b5-a5f0-ac637bb5076aMy books include “Create Your Dream Life, With Purpose, Passion And Excitement”, as well as “This Year Is Mine: Designed With Love For The Selfless Single Mom”.
I freelance as a Graphic Designer & Clarity Coach though SoulMap,ca, as well as design and publish a magazine ANSWERS FOR WOMEN; a one-stop-shop for the heart & soul women. Click on Book to Buy
I am passionate about helping women to create clarity and discover what they truly want! 
I currently reside in Burlington, Ont. in Canada & travel across the province connecting women, giving them a voice & providing opportunities for personal growth and expansion. I love spending time with my friends and family. In my spare time, I visit Italy (my happy place), as well as enjoy graphic design, photography, nature, gardening, jazz & all things water!

The success of her venture has motivated Beth to broaden her vision with the launching of her Answers for Women MAGAZINE focusing on inspiration, empowerment and raising vibrations, connecting women across Ontario and beyond. Additionally, women in other parts of the country will have easy access to a directory on the AFW website to find experts in their own community and beyond, as well as savings coupons to make the help they need both affordable and accessible.


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