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Their Story Matters  with Sara Troy and her guest Gulrukh Khan aired May 10th-16th 



When Gulrukh was growing up she was not sure what path she wanted to follow as there were so many options available. She was fascinated by music, theatre, film, books and also esoteric and metaphysical subjects. She used to watch a lot of films and documentaries and was especially mesmerised by stories to do with our planet and ecosystem. She also thrived on watching science fiction and romances. She grew up in a professional family and her father was very proactive in promoting visiting artists and musicians from the subcontinent. These artists were either very well known or went on to become big names in their various fields.

In her formative years Gulrukh discovered she had a high degree of sensitivity towards people who were suffering from ailments. She seemed to be able to tune into their pain and facilitate the healing of it; either through listening to them and offering quite advanced advice or by being able to lay her hand on the part of the body where they were experiencing pain – and somehow being able to facilitate its healing.

While travelling about Asia and South East Asia. I remember standing on a beach in Thailand as the sun was setting and receiving a strong message in my heart that I was to follow the family lineage and professionally assist people to heal. My grandfather was an esteemed Holistic Practitioner in India and used to treat the President of India as well as the Nizam of Hyderabad (the world’s richest man in that period) with Unani or Ancient Greek Medicine. So it seemed inevitable that I should carry this lineage forward. But I wasn’t sure how to go about it.

I got the opportunity to work for one of the top Advertising Production Companies in Bombay and learned hands on video production. I decided, at that point, that I should make short films to start off my career. Airlines were on the lookout for short films and Cathay Pacific purchased them to show on their planes. After 4 years or so of freelancing for others, I went on to script, direct and produce my own independent documentaries which covered areas that deeply resonated with me. My involvement in holistic therapies appeared at the same time as I began my film career in London following a sudden car accident – where I couldn’t work for a few months due to bad whiplash. The insurance payout was fairly hefty at that point and I decided to use this time off to begin qualifying in the holistic realms.

My motivations in facilitating others to operate from their highest levels and to heal, is self- explanatory. My motivations in making films is driven by the knowledge that film is an important all round medium and can spread its message internationally to potentially millions of people. People often ask how I can do two things which ‘seem’ to be so far apart from each other. My perception of this is – that we are all multi capable.


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So I was invited to be and  accepted the kind invitation by Dr Harbeen Arora, the dynamic founder of ALL global and the Women Economic Forum, to become Chair for the UK Chapter last year, after being invited to attend their Inaugural event in Goa in 2015. I have always had a vested interest in the development and liberation of women. Originating from an Indo-Pak-Afghan background, and growing up in the West, I saw a lot of cultural polarities in the way women were treated – regarding expectations being placed on them to behave in a certain way.

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The Women Economic Forum (WEF) is the largest all-inclusive chamber of women in the world currently. It is part of ALL (All Ladies League) global which has over 75 international chapters. In May 2015, the inaugural WEF was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Goa and was a phenomenal success, bringing together women from all over the world in a 5-day event.

My vision for ALL LONDON is to mobilise women and bring them together. To visibly celebrate female achievements as well as inspiring other women – by showcasing successful women. This will be done through ‘signature events’ that will bring together various women, (and men who support women’s empowerment), via business, holistic, fashion, film and music events; as well as through youth leadership and mentorship programmes.

Gulrukh is a fully qualified Holistic Practitioner in several modalities. She is also an award-winning, International filmmaker. She has directed, produced and scripted a diverse range of short films, education videos and documentaries. She is currently in post-production for a major new docu-feature coming out called ‘Spirit2Power’ featuring many highly acclaimed World Champions, Masters and Celebrities on Martial Arts.

The film is due for release in 2016. spirit2power.com

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In addition, Gulrukh is currently also in production on a documentary feature about the Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramids. Robert Watts, the Producer of the ‘Star Wars’ Series, ‘Indiana Jones’ series and ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ is Executive Producer for this documentary feature – to be finished in 2016. Gulrukh made a 4 x 1 hour documentary series on dolphins, marine life and human impact. This won Best Documentary Award at the Moondance Film Festival in NY in 2012. Richard O’Barry, the main subject of this series (‘Blue Velvet In Sinai’), who trained the Flipper dolphins for the popular TV series “FLIPPER’, collected the Oscar for Best Documentary Film for ‘The Cove’, at the 2010 Oscars. (www.bluevelvetinsinai.com)

She produced and co – scripted a short film on Relief Advertising called ‘Mantra for the New Millennium’, along with the (late) award-winning director, Michael Portelly. (Best remembered for his award-winning film, ‘Oceans Daughter’and acclaimed Cheltenham and Gloucester Building Society TV advertisement – of a boy diving for a pearl). ‘Mantra for the New Millennium’ was shown in the presence of ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair and business leaders, at “The Festival of Light” in 2000 – at Alexander Palace. The film was subsequently also shown at the UN Peace Summit the following year, in the presence of Kofi Anan, and at International ‘ocean related’ festivals.

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