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C16/14a Getting All Things Organized with Rowena

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Rowena List aired April 5-th

At the heart of Getting It Together is founder Rowena List.

Rowena’s 25+ years of experience and expertise in “getting it together” are multi-faceted – being a successful entrepreneur, speaker and coach/trainer, have all played an important role in honing Rowena’s natural ability to harness and teach others the best practices for getting – and staying – organized, and for maximizing one’s time.

Rowena’s non-judgmental, supportive and caring nature, along with her irresistible energy and enthusiasm make working with her feel ‘safe’ and empowering – whether it’s a full-scale de-clutter and re-organize or move scenario, or coaching and training on how to master all sources of ‘incoming’, to-do’s and commitments.


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Rowena’s highly interactive speaking engagements have spanned the globe and her organizational tips have led to numerous media attention, including Breakfast TV, Global TV and Fanny Keifer. You may have also heard her on CBC Radio or read her de-cluttering tips in More magazine, Canadian Living, Vancouver Sun, and The Vancouver Province.

An easy way to get organized is with these C.D


              Rowena can be reached for a free consult at                      1-604.520.9550

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