16/13 Seniors & Grand Parenting.

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I am a senior in some places, and not quite there in others (age 65-70 to be a senior), but I am acknowledging that I am over that ledge of middle age tilting towards the other side.

I am 61 years young, I have 3 wonderful children ages from 27-33 and not one marriage or grand child yet. I have grand puppies, 4 of them and believe me they can be a handful, but I have no idea when I will hold a Grand Child in my arms.

I have friends older than me who also have no sign of a grand-kids yet, they will be in their 70’s when they become a Grand Parent and the question we ask is ,are we going to be energetic enough for them when they do finally arrive?

I am a struggler, story teller, nurturer, love the walks swims the drives, but have never been able to run with my kids never mind grand-kids. I have always had health issues that got in my way of physically living it up, don’t get me wrong, I have lived it up, I danced, and danced, but I was young and even limited then, now those limits are more and a daily challenge.

So will I have that energy to play with the grandchildren? Will I have the patience with their exuberant energy? And in waiting so long to have children was that a mistake?

This is what I will talk about this week on the show, for in today’s world there are so many children waiting to have their children, which I agree on, for children are for life and you must be ready, but it also means being an older Grand Parent and one must think on that too.


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