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We Need Dreamers so we can Believe in them.


I have just been watching Briton and Americas got talent on you tube, and I love the way seeing such talent being discovered. It is so up lifting so heart feeling to see young and old having their moment in the spot light making dreams come true. For some it is a moment that one moment when they discover their have talent and people want more of them, for some it is only that one moment in time but a memory forever.

To see no age barrier no faith sex or race but just a voice, or act or dance just that moment when all eyes are on them in anticipation of greatness. We get drawn in to the life time dream of the performer the what it means to them in their this is my moment my time. When they see the response from the audience it takes them by surprise on the impact they have had, an almost disbelief that the audience likes them, what a wonderful moment of self gratification self accomplishment and a beginning to a wonderful career doing what they love.

It shows us it is ok to dream, it is ok to believe in ones dream, it is ok to be venerable and step up into that lime light of possibilities and create opportunities for a life time. We live vicariously through another dreams, others opportunities, but we must not forget our own dreams our own passions and our own possibilities, for they are possible when we choice to step into our own limelight.

          Find a DREAM to BELIEVE in ACT on that dream and COMMIT to that Dream

                      We are all born D.I.V.A s Dreamer Inspirer Visionary Aspirer

                                         Never give up on your DREAMS   

                                      THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR DREAM

 Some top performers to inspire you.

By Sara Troy 

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