16/12 Healing Through Color Therapy

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins with guest Sherry Burton, aired March 22ND-28TH

eb973f71f199b1a32864196dcfb7aa78We live in a world that is full of color. In the course of a day we notice colors all around us, what we are wearing, the colors of the flowers as spring comes, even the colors in our office and home environment. Color is everywhere and can actually impact how we feel and how we heal. Join me and Shery Burton-Ways, Design Psychology Coach and Certified Feng Shui Expert as we talk about colors and their ability to heal our mind, body and spirit. Ms. Burton Ways shares information about color and energy, how color impacts our health, and ways to increase our peace and joy through color.


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Sherry Burton Ways is a Certified Design Psychology Coach, Certified Interior
rBm8zxie_702ahQGbOrPjYKzL5NHck0h9QLmdM6PFfs-e1445959127144-980x480Environment Coach, Certified Interior Color Therapist, Certified Feng Shui
Consultant and holistic Interior Designer who designs soul-satisfying spaces.
Sherry Ways mission is to use her gifts to inspire and educate people and
organizations to create peaceful and productive interior environments.
She is an educator and Intentional Interior Designer. It is her goal to create
customized living spaces that overcome decorating challenges and evokes a
feeling of well-being. Sherry is the author of the 2013 Green Book Festival award
winning and Amazon Best Selling Book, Feel Good Spaces: A Guide to Decorating
Your Home for the Body, Mind and Spirit (2012). Ways is also contributed to the
book The Art & Science of Loving Yourself First: ‘cause your business should
complete you, not deplete you! (2013) edited and compiled by Margo DeGange,
M.Ed. Most recently, Sherry also contributed to Simply Color for Everyday Living
(2015) edited by compiled by Diantha S. Harris. Noted author, E. Ashley Rooney
featured Ways design work in her book Nursery Décor in 2013.
Her commercial design work has been awarded the American Institute of
Architects Presidential Urban Design Award (2013) and the Unity Health Care
Foundation’s Key Corner Partner in Caring Award (2012) respectively. Her
residential design work has appeared in several local and national media including
The Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine, 2011 MD, DC, VA Portfolio of the
100 Top Designers by Home & Design Magazine, and Design Bureau Magazine’s
Special Edition: Inspiring Interiors: A Collection of the Best Interior Design Around
the World. .Sherry currently resides in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and is working on her next book, “Design in Transition: Creating a Wabi-Sabi Life.”






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