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I am a Womam by Lidia Fredirico

1399075_10152017433048970_2090826803_oI’m a woman that faced hardship and tears in my past, but I’m so grateful because my past has made me Who I’m today, in my present I heal the wounds and seed my future. I’m a woman that is not ashamed to tell her story and expose her past as my past is the foundation of the woman that bares a soul naked in front of you today. You may my like me or not because I’m a woman that learned to love herself above all things. I’m a Woman that has let God guide me to my path with no questions asked. I’m a woman that will go out of my way when I give my word to you because my word, my honour and my name is all that I have and will take with me when my hour of passing comes.

Today I can say to you “I’m truly blessed!” heart emotion

By Lidia Atunes-Frederico  

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This is an article I wrote inspired by my sessions with Lidia


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