16/07 The Importance of Mentorship In Our Communities.

The Wellness Journey with Lynnis Woods-Mullins with guest Ronald M. Barnes, aired February 16th/16


February is Black History Month and in  commemoration of Black History month we will be talking to Ron Barnes about the importance of membership in the African American communities as well as all communities for boys and girls.

book1Ronald M. Barnes is the author of Principles of Manhood as well as the book, Guide To Understanding The Principles of Manhood The principles cited in these writings have served as the foundation of mentoring programs all over the country. The Boys and Girls Club of America “Menformation” mentoring program in Los Angeles has redirected the lives of hundreds of inner-city youth using the Principles of Manhood.  These mentor-ship programs have changed and are changing the lives of both males and females all over the country.

Join me and Ron Barnes as we discuss the importance of mentor-ship and why it is an important part of our communities and overall wellness.


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Ron BarnesRon Barnes received both his undergraduate and master’s degrees at universities in the north-eastern region of the United States. His initial inspiration to write the Principles of Manhood grew out of his desire to give his children and the next generation a foundation from which to grow. Ronald Barnes has been involved with numerous mentoring programs all over the United States. He has lectured and served as keynote speaker for many youth and manhood training programs. The first edition of Guide to Understanding the Principles of Manhood has been used as the foundation for curriculums in several religious youth ministries and mentoring programs. This book has also served as a training tool for women in the Substance Abuse Treatment Unit Program for the Connecticut Mental Health Department at Yale University


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