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Trying to stay Positive even if it Kills me, by Sam Hawksmoor

540245_208627949264933_14205711_nSay something positive says my sister back in Canada. Of course she would say that, running Choose Positive Living on Self Discovery Radio – but staying positive has been a battle in this past January.  The storms and floods. The endless rise of Trump defies logic – but suddenly you gain insight into how demagoguery mesmerizes. The American economy is doing well, growing even, but Trump keeps telling voters all is doomed. Perhaps Trumpism will all seem like a Bobby in the Shower moment after February. And indeed after Iowa it seems that way – except that Senator Cruz is crazier than Trump. Would be interesting to see Bloomberg enter the race and be the first Independent to win and break the Republican/Democrat duopoly of power. Right now Bernie is spoiling Hilary’s party and letting in a wedge for the Republican Rubio to come through.

Meanwhile as reported by our Spanish correspondent, Spain is in a complete political mess with no one it seems able to take power after an indecisive election. Even more odd, the worlds’ media have failed to notice that a major economy in Europe is in total meltdown. A decision has to be taken by Feb 22nd.

Worse, it turns out that Iran has been financing the extreme left-wing Podemos party in Spain that wants to take power there. ** As of 3.2.16 the Spanish King has requested the Socialists form a government with Podemos – so if you haven’t got your money out of Spain now, it will soon be too late.

Any comment on the fate of migrants draws such hostility from liberals – it’s hard to point out that uncontrolled migration is a ‘bad’ thing in Europe and UK putting enormous pressure on housing, healthcare, education and infrastructure, not to mention police.  With another two million expected to cross the Mediterranean this year one cannot see it ending ‘nicely’.  Clearly having Russia involved in bombing civilians in Syria on Assad’s behalf doesn’t help, but if we want to stop them coming then Assad has to be removed from power.  By any means.  And then billions spent on rebuilding the country he has devastated.  But until then they will keep coming… and tensions will continue to rise, as will the far right politicians in Europe.

Talking of Europe a deal is on the table for so called ‘reform’ but to be honest I don’t see that this is reform at all. Until all the crooks who waste trillions of Euros are held to account. Until sanity over borders and benefits is regained. I wonder what the British people will decide in June. In or out? The Brexit camp is confident despite much infighting.

Meanwhile there’s Islamic State and their continuing threats against pretty much everyone.  Including a man blowing himself up on a Somali plane and being sucked out of the fuselage through the hole he created. A miracle the plane managed to land safely in Mogadishu. That’s a positive thought there – almost.

So let’s hope that this February more miracles happen, the weather improves, your health is good and let it be known I am boycotting the Oscars because it is only shown at 3am in the morning on a channel I don’t have and to be honest I don’t see how you can compare The Big Short to The Revenant anyway.  For me, The Big Short was fun and explained a lot about the mess we are all in and The Revenant was harrowing in detail and an impressive bit of filmmaking.  The past was never glorious and eternally unforgiving.

More to come, but enjoy this month’s Hackwriters.  There’s more to come as we go forward.

© Sam Hawksmoor – Joint Editor February 2016
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By Sam Hawksmoor

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