Cancer Cure Stories


I have done many shows with people who have had cancer and have healed by natural solutions. Do take a look and have a listen for you are not meant to die from it.

Everyone of these people found a different way to heal their cancer

the-gift-of-cancer-is-a-gift-of-life with Dr. Dena Mendes & Dr Wendy Treynor

I-laughed-in-the-face-of-cancer  with Susan Liberty Hall.

kicking-cancer-ass with Suma Nathan and Dr. Dena Mendes

sex-after-cancer-what-the-doctors-dont-tell-you Bonnie Gayle and Ann Marie Merlino

cancer-and-alzheimers-liberation Sara Troy and her guest Dr. Constance L. Vincent

the-heroines-choir-for-cancer-survivors Sara Troy and  Alice Billman  Vicki Tashman and Marilyn Van Houten

your-divine-human-blueprint   Sara Troy and  Julie Renee Doering

the-sunflower-fund with Heather De Wit  and her guests Tina Botha and  Tarryn Corlett 

colon-kidney-and-liver-health  with Sara Troy and Suma Nathan 

under-cover-of-darkness and-mantle-cell-lymphoma with guest Margaret Cahill

cancer-and-alzheimers-liberation  Dr. Constance L. Vincent

along-comes-hope with Jeffrey A. Forrest and his guest Jenny Mulks Wieneke


with Lynnis Woods Mullins 


Many more to come, we do have a solution, all we have to do is embrace the possibilities.  

home-cures-for-living-a-healthy-life we discuss a cure for cancer and other ailments.

 john+osborne+cancer and all health  John Osborne shows on CANCER and other ailments

turmeric-healing Sara Troy and her guest Claire-France Perez

wh-16-4748-enter-crying-exit-laughing-with-sir-ken-miller    Discusses how laughter heals 

pvr-17-05-sir-ken-miller-bobby-henline-speak-healing-humor  Addressing laughter in healing scars and cancer. 

tsm-17-29a-cancer-can-be-a-passport-to-life-with-annie-pool  Overcoming cancer through travel in the mind

Dr Marilyn Joyce, energizing our health after and during cancer. 



The Gift of Cancer with Brenda Michaels 

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In the near future, Self Discovery Community will be supporting those who are on the cancer journey back into living a meaning purposeful journey soon.

Self Discovery Community 

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