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“Trial By Fire”: Charles Mattocks

The Pursuit of Wholeness Show featuring Charles Mattocks

“Trial By Fire”, Celebrity Chef Shares His Passion For Raising Awareness About Painful Chronic Disease CRPS/RSD

Celebrity Chef, Emmy Nominated Actor, and Author Charles Mattocks shares with us his personal experience with the horribly painful disease CRPS/RSD  .  Chef Mattocks talks about his new film “Trial By Fire” , what it is about, why you should see it, and most importantly what he feels everyone should know about this painful chronic disease.

Charles Mattocks  is best known as a celebrity chef, Emmy-award nominated actor, best-selling author and film and television producer. Currently editing a film on diabetes entitled “The Diabetic You” Charles is also a type 2 diabetic who is a global advocate for diabetes and change in health care. Moved by his own struggles to help people with diabetes around the world, Charles has put his all into creating film projects that can help express and bring awareness to the plight and fight of people with conditions that are close to his heart.

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Interview done by Lynnis Woods-Mullins

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